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EANA membership

To become a member of the European Astrobiology Network Association, please download and complete our APPLICATION FORM.

You need to provide the names of two EANA members that are willing to sponsor your application. The list of current EANA members can be obtained from Kai Finster.

Please return the completed application form via email to
Kai Finster, EANA

The annual EANA membership fee of 25,00 € can be paid by bank transfer to the Swiss EANA account

European Exo/Astrobiology Association (EANA)
case postale
CH-3000 Bern 94
IBAN CH41 0023 5235 5972 8160 X

Please indicate your name and the year for which you want to pay the membership fee(s).

Some colleagues missed the opportunity last year(s) to pay in cash during the EANA WS. However, you can still pay for the last years retrospectively, which is highly appreciated by EANA.

The annual fee is not very high and helps us to organize the yearly EANA WS and to give travel grants to students and young scientists.

If it is very difficult for you to make a bank transfer you can still pay in cash during the EANA WS, however, this is not the preferred way of payment.

For any questions, please don`t hesitate to contact the EANA Treasurer Kai Finster.

The EANA members area can be found here:

If you are an EANA member, but don`t know your log-in and password, or for any other problems with the EANA members area, please contact Lena Noack.