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Extreme Habitats

Microorganisms Who Love Acid

Acid-tolerance is another survival factor shown by various groups of primitive microbes of relevance to early Earth and potential relevance to Hesperian Mars. Some are photosynthetic, such as the primitive unicellular red alga Cyanidium caldarium, which can tolerate pH values of 0.05. Others are chemosynthetic, such as the extremely acidiphilic archaebacterium Sulpholobus acidocaldarius. They are often also thermophilic as befits their primitive origins.

Salt Tolerance: The Penalty of Liquid Water Below Normal Freezing Point

Hypersalinity per se as shown by the Antarctic archaebacter Halobacterium lacusprofundi from Deep Lake may be crucial for survival in hypothetical supercooled brine aquifers emerging onto the surface of Mars.

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