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Annual European Astrobiology Conferences

The EANA17 conference took place August 14-17 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark.
Among the many interesting and relevant topics for astrobiology, EANA17 emphasized “Exoplanets”, a new and exciting field in the search for extraterrestrial life.
You can find relevant information through the official EANA 2017 webpage:

The first European Astrobiology Conference was held in 2001 (the European Workshop on Exo/Astrobiology in Frascati, Italy), leading to the foundation of the EANA network.

Here you can find a list of all past EANA Astrobiology Conferences.

In the past years the Space Factor Students Contest was organized during the EANA conferences, bringing together young Astrobiologists in a session dedicated solely to the contest. In addition, EANA awards prizes for the best posters presented by students and young scientists at the annual workshops. The awards website brings together all information on the contest and lists past awardees.