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Eamonn Ansbro
New instrumentation to detect ET presence in the Solar System

Marina Astafieva
Ancient Phosphorites (2.04 Ga) and Life

Rowena Ball et al.
Mediation of the RNA World by hydrogen peroxide

Carlos Banchon et al.
The potential use of halophiles for environmental management on and beyond Earth

Roberto Barbieri et al. (presented by Barbara Cavalazzi)
Decoding surface morphologies from a continental sabkha (Western Sahara, Morocco) related to the interaction between microbiota and the precipitation of carbonates and evaporites

Saskia Bosman et al.
Earth-neutral life detection methods

David Bryant et al.
Peptide and proto-cell formation driven by the same energy currency system

Bo Byloos et al.
Bacterial communities on lava deposits of different ages from Krafla, Iceland

Eloi Camprubí Casas
Proto-metabolic flux leading to polymerisation at life’s origin

Elias Chatzitheodoridis et al.
A sample return concept using 3D printing for astrobiology relevant Martian materials

Rosa de la Torre Noetzel et al.
Survival of lichens to simulated galactic cosmic radiation

Daniela de Paulis

B.L. de Vries et al.
Comet-like mineralogy of olivine crystals in an extrasolar proto-Kuiper belt

Cristina Dobrota et al.
Influence of monochromatic light on tomato developmental stages and on δ13C incorporation

Andreas Elsaesser et al.
EXOcube – Exposure of Organisms/Organics cube: A New Cubesat-Based Life Sciences Exposure Platform for the International Space Station with In-situ Analytical Capabilities

Franco Ferrari et al.
Health hazards posed by ionizing radiation in manned space missions BLEO

Felix Matthias Fuchs et al.
“Slime but fine” – New insights about Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation and robustness under simulated space conditions

Frédéric Gaboyer et al.
Identification of biomarkers during mineralisation of a extremotolerant bacterium isolated from a Mars analogue environment

Ignacio Gallardo-Carreño et al.
Robotic Investigation of Subsurface Life in the Atacama Desert, characteristics and distribution of life from the Coast to the Altiplano

Michael Hans et al. (presented by Adrian Thome)
How copper-based materials kill bacteria - Approaches towards self-sanitizing surfaces on space stations

Ruth Hemmersbach et al. (presented by Petra Rettberg)
The DLR ground based facilities for the simulation of space and planetary environments

Keyron Hickman-Lewis et al.
Carbonaceous microstructures from the stratiform chert member of the 3.46Ga Apex Basalt, Chinaman Creek locality, Pilbara, Western Australia

Joop Houtkooper et al.
Methanol as an Alternative Solvent for Life

Sohan Jheeta
Hypothesis: network of RNAs and their influence on life

Akos Kereszturi et al. (presented by Elias Chatzitheodoridis)
Paleo-environment indicators for Mars – connecting laboratory and meteorite data to mission prospects for ExoMars rover

Kensei Kobayashi et al.
Exposure of Amino Acids and Their Precursors in Low Earth Orbit: Report of ongoing TANPOPO mission and analytical schemes after return

Kaisa Koskinen et al.
Glacier-MASE: A Mars analogue study takes part in a simulated Mars Mission (AMADEE-15) at the Kaunertal Glacier in Austria

Pauli Laine
Transits in the Solar System and the Composition of the Exoplanet Atmospheres

Kirsi Lehto
Evaporative Early Earth environments conducive to promote prebiotic synthesis and polymerisation

Claudio Maccone
A new mathematical result in Evo-SETI Theory: E-Pluribus-Unum Theorem

Margarita R. Marín-Yaseli et al. (presented by Marta Ruiz-Bermejo)
Prebiotic Synthesis in Volcanic Islands and Soda Oceans

Cristina Markovski et al.
In situ measurements of iron reduced by bacteria with MIMOS II

Simone Martini et al.
Biology of Mars Soil Analogues, Biomolecules preservation and their relationship with life

Joachim Meessen et al.
The effect of ionizing radiation on two astrobiological models: the lichen Xanthoria elegans and the isolated photobiont of Circinaria gyrosa

Ana Z. Miller et al.
Evidences of microbial life in the deep Neves-Corvo mine in the Iberian Pyrite Belt

Euan Monaghan et al.
The environmental context of the MASE Mars analogue sites

Maximilian Mora et al.
The microbiome of the International Space Station: now and then

Christian Muller
The future life of solar spectral irradiance monitored in space and the PERICLES role in preserving and distributing it: application to astrobiology

Philippe Nauny et al.
Habitability of Martian analogues in Chile

Natasha Nicholson et al.
BioRock: Microbially Induced Rock Weathering in the Altered Fluid Dynamics of Reduced Gravity

Lena Noack et al.
Water-rich planets: How habitable is a water layer deeper than on Earth?

Karen Olsson-Francis et al.
An experimental and modelling study of geochemical bio-signatures for life on early Mars

Corinna Panitz et al.
Differences in stress response of Deinococcus geothermalis as a function of the life form

Alexandra Perras et al.
Microbes and genomes from terrestrial Mars-analogue environments

Hannes Lukas Pleyer et al.
A Possible Prebiotic Ancestry of Porphyrin-Type Protein Cofactors

Rory Porteous et al.
Limits of Raman Spectroscopy for detecting degraded organic molecular signals in Siliceous sinters

Elke Rabbow et al.
The ICE-cube Experiment

Marina Raguse et al. (presented by Ralf Möller)
Plasma sterilization as an innovative tool for the next generation of planetary protection

Rodrigo Ramirez et al.
Monte Carlo Method and Drake`s Equation

Sandra Ramirez et al.
Identification of compatible salutes in halophilic bacteria: prospects for life on Europa

Krzysztof Rychert et al.
Dynamics of oxygen consumption during formation of the anoxic zone

Janosch Schirmack et al.
Microbial Adaptation Mechanisms to Dry and Cold Environmental Conditions

Dirk Schulze-Makuch et al.
Is Methanol the Missing Ingredient for the Origin of Life?

Dirk Schulze-Makuch et al.
The Biological Oxidant and Life Detection (BOLD) Mission: A Proposal for a Low-Cost In-Situ Mission to Mars

Eugenio Simoncini et al.
An atmospheric disequilibrium analysis during Earth history

Auni Somero et al.
Optical monitoring of the Rosetta target comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with the NOT and the SATU telescope

David Tepfer et al.
Plant seed vehicles for the dissemination of life through space

Nick Thomas et al.
Microbial Community Structure of the Arid High Altitude Sairecabur Region of the Chilean Altiplano: A Unique Mars Analogue

Frances Westall et al.
What and where is the carbon in Martian volcanic sediments? Implications for instrumentation and missions

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